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Born in Germany and raised in Italy M. Elena Segatini is the descendant of the great painter Giovanni Segantini and photographer and painter Giovanni Magrin.
After graduating in Italy in Foreign Trading due to a family decision because the art world seemed such an improbable career choice, Elena finally had the chance to follow her lifetime dream once she moved to the United States at the age of 24. She immediately enrolled in photography classes and after a couple of years of having to learn a new language and concentrating on her Portfolio she received a scholarship at one of the most renowned art colleges in the world:  Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.
She graduated with Distinction in December of 1999.
Her deep love for photography started when she was still a child.  At the age of 15 she bought herself her first 35mm camera.  She would experiment with sources of lights and with transparent surfaces and object in front of the camera creating very unusual images. Her heightened sensibility in life, which sometimes brought her to interior discomforts and pains mirrored with her immense shyness, came to be her highest point of force in art with the expression of it through her images.
Elena’s images became the reflection of her “Soul”
The Fashion world is what inspired her the most since ever but she has been
photographing from Fashion to Travel to Portraits to Architectural and so on … anything and everything that is related to capturing the beauty of this world.
Her sensitivity towards people and things is heightened by her vision of LIFE and her conscious freedom of spirit which has brought her to became also an excellent and inspiring writer. She has been described as the photographer that can “steal” a piece of her subjects’ soul and imprint it into her images.
She works today between Europe and USA. She is represented for Stock Images by Getty Images, Corbis, Art+Commerce and SheStock images.
In 2006 she started dedicating some of her time to Wedding Photography creating elegant, romantic and beautiful images that are the representation of that special and unique style of hers with a touch of Fashion. In June of 2010 she was nominated by “White Sposa” in Milan one of the top 4 photographers “of excellence” for Moda Sposa in Italy.

She then entered the world of Sport by chance because of her personal passion with bodybuilding, ending up photographing at Mr. Universo in Riccione and creating exceptional images that transfer the viewer all the emotions of being behind and on stage; every fear, excitement and mental strength that this passion for the body possesses. A couple of years ago she started a project called “SK:KIN the BODY of {H} WORK” a personal collection of images with the continuous research of amazing athletes to include in a possible future book.

In 2016 she entered a new exciting world of water sports that  brought her to shoot at the AWT in Marocco in May 2016, at the PWA World Windsurfing Tour in Pozo, Gran Canaria in July 2016 and 2018,  and beautiful windsurf images of outstanding athletes in Lanzarote and at the MEO Ripcurl Peniche  in Portugal in October of 2009.  Lanzarote  led her to an amazing shoot at the 10.7 IronMan competition at Club LaSanta in September 2017 with  the creation of the first price winning image of a Triathlete at the finish line.

The making of the icon image that began the I-phone first Ad Campaign

In 2006 her image was chosen by Apple for the first i-phone Campaign: the pink Lily flower [Il fiore di Loto].
The story behind it flows with entire concept of Elena’s sense of Life.
Her shyness never won on her determination and especially on her passion for what she strongly believes in.
On one of her trips to Italy she brought her camera to an amazing park in Verona. She saw her subject,  almost fell in the pond trying to get as close as possible to photograph it. At that time she used to travel with a Mamiya RZ67, this immense piece of equipment that looked even more immense held by her
little figure. She was leaning forward in the pond and a person was holding her by her belt. At the question: if you fall in the pond who should I save? The camera or you? she answered… my camera of course.

And then the amazing shot… the light was perfect…almost cloudy that gave the water that peaceful soft look.
She went back many times years after but she was never able to replicate the same feel. Everything fell in the perfect place that day. She then turned her shot to her representing agency but it was refused.
She could not understand why such a beautiful image could not pass the “test”. She believed in the beauty of what she had captured and turned that shot in other 3-4 times waiting for art directors to change. Finally she was assigned to this new art director that immediately accepted the image and in no time it became the icon shot for i-phone introduction to the world. She was so grateful of this wonderful opportunity but never really bragged about it.
But when she thinks that at least half of the world had her picture in their purse or pockets…makes her very proud and thankful of her achievement.

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